Listen Up

One failing that seems to be repeated over and over is that people don’t listen. They hear words and certain words or actions activate some type of memory or feeling, and thats how they react to a situtation. Instead of thinking about it in the moment people choose to pull from the past or worry about the future. I myself am guilty of this. Presently I am calm and am realizing that I need to put any free time I have to good use.

The moment is the most important thing because that is what is happening right now and that is the only thing that can be completely comprehended. Use the present to find that joy that life is meant to express. Be creative in the moment, instead of trying to destroy any falsehood, or belief you may have previously held.

I’m looking to hold worlds within words, and characters that survive moment to moment. To live to is to suffer, the passage of time records all of our sufferings. I suggest we transcend this idea and just be…

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