Is Network Neutrality (NN) possible?

I don’t know.

There is a whole host of issues on both sides. Rather than going through a number of them, a good place to learn about the debate is @ Moyers on America: The Net at Risk.

But, I have recently read and have been mulling over and article by Kurt Dobbins “Hunting Unicorns: Myths and Realities of the Net Neutrality Debate” where he raises an solid point that

“The Network Neutrality public and private debate has been filled with more emotion than rational discussion, and in its wake a number of myths have become accepted as reality. Unfortunately, public policy, consumer broadband services, and service provider business survival hang in the balance.”

I think it is important to consider what the public and private sector each mean when they talk about Net Neutrality, or in what form would they like the internet to manifest their interests. Dobbins talks about 4 different myths while giving and interesting perspective approach each one.

Myth 1: The Internet can be “neutral” towards all types of applications

Myth 2: Network management is unfair

Myth 3: Network management violates privacy

Myth 4: DPI is just a P2P “Throttling” Technology

    • realizePhiladelphia
    • November 13th, 2008

    Check out our blog on Net Neutrality, including the article “Net Neutrality in a Nutshell” at

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