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The Real Story of Stuff

I hope that we can really make ourselves understand where we are and what we need to do. I am hoping to help further spread widely the knowledge found everywhere, starting here.

My heart Katherine’s opinion beautifully written…

Wow and I thought that one of the few areas of nutrition that always did make sense (as in being sound nutrition) was breast-feeding. And while she still states, “Breast is Still the Best” its hard to imagine if breast milk is increasingly becoming toxic to our own infants, then what is nutritious anymore? Without a fundamental change in our societal system all areas of nutrition are just a fallacy no matter which way society spins it. So at this point, I am only about half way through and I am asking myself, so how can real change occur. How does change within our gov take place if they are constantly kissing ass with the powerful and corrupt banks and corporations. Where does actual change need to occur? Where does it all begin again? At what level of power does someone need to have to say “We need to take a step back and re-evaluate what is happening all across the world? What measure is it going to take for people, not only to agree, but to really understand what that statement means?”

I feel a little better about the ending where she leaves the impression that its about people as a mass collection choosing to take action in one of those 5 areas to create change within, but I don’t know about the last statement where she says, “the gov is changing its efforts to look out for the people.” I still think that the governments are mostly still working in conjunction with the corporations and each others’ gov around the world.


Coming up for air

Getting my stuff together. Updating my resume and web-presence. I’ve got at least 3 projects I should be working on simultaneously. Class presentation, Instructional Design Project for my class and developing ideas and applications for a Hackathon at Tech in the Middle (focused mainly on the mobile web development community). Here we go!

First Day of the Last Class

It’s been quite a journey through the Universe of Library and Information science. I had hopes of making this blog a running journal of my experience. That obviously didn’t happen. So I guess now I shall do some recapping, but really just move forward and chronicle my intellectual evolution after school.

I hope to share here what I learned and what I’m thinking about and working on.

June 12, 2010 was the beginning of the end and also the beginning to a new beginning. Instruction and Assistance Systems (LIS458LE) is the class. Updates to come…

First day of class

In about an hour and a half I’ll be in my first official online LEEP class.
I have to say I am a bit excited. Also, I’m the procrastinator of old as in not having all my readings done for tomorrows class. But hey, this summer has been pretty :sad faced: and I wanted to relax as much as possible.

Today’s class is Reference & Information Services…
A New Standard Definition of Reference

Can’t find the words

After spending the last 10 days learning about libraries, information and society I feel like I have received a good crash course in the way the profession of library and information science works. I’m not really sure how to evaluate the profession as a whole. I think I am more excited about the possibilities its presents me to have a very important role in the future. 

There seems to be a shortage of people actually willing to manage problems, but a rush of people who have quick solutions or traditionalists who can’t see anything worth changing. There is always common ground and that is our understanding. Each perspective of the problem and solution contains value and needs to be allowed a voice. I would have to say my professor Leigh Estabrook was the perfect instructor for the course. The way she laid out the problem gave me a clear understanding of what I want to do. 

It is increasingly difficult, and at times to my pleasure, how to consider our civilization. We are changing, becoming more dynamic and creative every moment. Yet we are sometimes still ruled by our apprehension to trust our power. There needs to be and over-arching respect for the human spirit, and contempt against any idea of our place in the universe as being undeserved or worthless. We are just as important as everything else. We cannot separate ourselves from Nature, but Nature doesn’t rule us either. We are part of the world as it is and must respect it as I hope we will eventually respect ourselves.


For the next two weeks.

Just finished my interview with the Illinois Training Grant committee today.

Tomorrow I leave for UIUC to begin my first class in GSLIS and start down that path.

Back to reading tons of words, or words that weigh a ton. Hard to determine.

The Word

Nothing has made itself more of a staple of our humanness than the written word. It simultaneously holds our whole of understanding, creativity, and experience.

And yet compared to the ideas and forms our words try and represent they are empty shells, almost meaningless…almost.

But, this almost is what seems to matter to us most. We are ‘happy’ with the almost; it’ll do for now. I can at times see and realize the sources of these traces, these silhouettes, these shadows of being. But, immediately they mean nothing. As quickly as I grasp reality, I misplace it. I do wish it would find me, but then that would be so frightening I’m not sure how I would handle it, poorly I bet.

There are a lucky few who have been found by reality and were able to recognize it right away. Even fewer if any have held onto reality. So revel in your suffering and inability to deal with the way things are.

Cause if you understood, you wouldn’t be here. By coming here you have punished yourself because you wanted to feel something. Whether this be a noble or ignoble virtue can never be agreed upon, and it should not be.