What Every American Should Know About The FISA Bill

What Every American Needs to Know (and Do) About FISA Before Tuesday, July 8th from Tim Ferriss on Vimeo.


Piracy, Privacy and Security

Is there a equilibrium I can reach on my positions on each?

These three topics seem to be the most important memes in our digital lives. Reading Cory Doctorow’s book “Little Brother” has put me in a peculiar state of mind. How much do I care about my rights pertaining to each of these topics?

I feel I have the right to either uphold laws/policies that are in place if I agree with them, and I reserve the right to ignore these laws/policies if I do not agree with them with each decision or infraction, bearing their own consequences.

I feel I have a right to make whatever I produce or own, to be private and accessible only to me, or I may relinquish my hold on it and publish and distribute what is mine how I see fit, bearing whatever consequences.

I feel I have a right to seek and obtain a way of securing what is mine from any outside party barring any access that I have not granted, bearing whatever consequences.

The common idea here to me is plain. I have the right to do ‘something’…that right should not and I don’t think is possible to take away. I can only fool myself into thinking that I have relinquished my right to do ‘anything’ to another party.

I think we can live in a world and under a government that we give up some of our ‘freedoms’ for, but that it should be transparent and the laws non-binding, if they conflict with any innate freedom (which is pretty much any action you yourself are responsible for). I think dealing with infranctions to freedom, privacy or security should be conducted on a case by case basis.

Listen Up

One failing that seems to be repeated over and over is that people don’t listen. They hear words and certain words or actions activate some type of memory or feeling, and thats how they react to a situtation. Instead of thinking about it in the moment people choose to pull from the past or worry about the future. I myself am guilty of this. Presently I am calm and am realizing that I need to put any free time I have to good use.

The moment is the most important thing because that is what is happening right now and that is the only thing that can be completely comprehended. Use the present to find that joy that life is meant to express. Be creative in the moment, instead of trying to destroy any falsehood, or belief you may have previously held.

I’m looking to hold worlds within words, and characters that survive moment to moment. To live to is to suffer, the passage of time records all of our sufferings. I suggest we transcend this idea and just be…


Nothing has really been happening

Greed at the top, need at the bottom

Can’t Wait

But I have to. I want this suffering to be over. I wish I understood what the earth was trying to tell us. Or what Nature had in mind, letting us get so powerful, yet remain so ignorant. This year sucks, in a word…but it is opening our minds and eyes to real suffering that has been taking place for a long time.

We have so much consciousness now and we do nothing but waste it on manufactured entertainment. A lot of us are waking up, but power needs to be redistributed. We need to listen to the earth, and the living beings that inhabit it. Every once in a while I fear the immediate future, and I know many people have larger fears than I do. This fear should not belong to the majority of the population, which it does.

We need to redistribute the wealth of our compassion and intelligence in a reverse fraction to those in the small percentage who benefit financially from the worlds population and give almost nothing back. We give you billions and you rob us of billions more. Don’t give me your money, give me my money back.

Back to the Moment

It is sort of usless to ask questions and ponder too much, because the answers are usually already there. We just have to shift our focus, adjust our perception, or just at least pay attention to the moment that now exists. It may naturally feel like we already do pay attention to the moment, but I don’t think that is always true. I think most of our thinking goes on pondering things from the past or preparing for things in the future. We constantly are trying to learn from the past and predict the future when we should just be existing in the today. Our bodies are here, but our minds aren’t.

Hopefully our minds won’t begin to run away from us. I think in part they are beginning to. From the moment we learned to write, draw, speak, build our ideas. Our minds have been about the world outside, trying to assert and physically manifest itself. These things demand our attention and now have taken the form of television, the Internet, conversation with one another. I think our minds may be creating a way to exists without the limitations of the body.

But, instead of completely giving into all this I think it is important to sometimes quiet the mind. Not silence it, just turn it inward and let in ruminate in the moment.

Bill Moyer: Powerful Words on Media Reform

“From your websites and laptops, tell it…

Tell it where you can, when you can and while you can. Tell America what we need to know and we may just rekindle the Patriot Dream”