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Google is not making us stupid

First read this: Is Google making us stupid?

I hate reading things like this, because it simply tries to move the cause of laziness, ignorance, and stupidity to a third party…rather than making the person responsible for his inability to care for his/her self. Google, and the form the Internet has taken do not force any of us to use their services in such a way as to detach us from the real solid tangible things in our lives. We allow ourselves to be engulfed in its ease of use.

But, if you think about that maybe it is somewhat natural or essential for us to begin to meld with our technologies, using them as unconsciously as we would any other part of our brain or bodies. I mean we’ve evolved to this point obtaining new features when we needed to and ditching ones that are no longer useful. The Internet is just another tool that will provide us with another platform to progress into better beings.

What does it matter anyway, I doubt we are evolving to be more slothful, unintelligent people. Or at least we will come to a point were the “strong” survive. Those who are fit to the new technologies will have an advantage just like the homo-sapien had over the neanderthal. If anything the Internet is mobilizing the mass in countless ways. Providing information or ways to learn things that was either out of reach for most people, or to expensive to sequester.

Its in your freedom to abuse or misuse it. And your responsiblity to keep yourself fit and healthy, mentally and physically.