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There is hope

Jane Goodall just gave me a reason for hope. I watching this amazing documentary and was constantly inspired throughout the whole thing. People like her make you think you can do anything that is possible yourself. They help you affirm belief in your humanity. We do all care about each other and have compassion for ourselves as humans, and have compassion for our environment.

And right now I am watching Barack Obama’s speech on affirming his nomination as the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. His presence does give me a sense of hope for this country. I don’t necessarily think he will be our best president to date, but only that he is necessary right now. Out of all possible candidates he brings the most change to the social and psychological state of this country, an this will in the end affect the world.

This is just the beginning of a new course for humanity. I think we had reached a brink and will soon now turn back from our destructive ways. No, we won’t create utopia anytime soon, but we will and have been evolving into more compassionate, rational, spiritual, wise, and understanding beings.

So I believe we will embrace ourselves, our technology, our world and create hope.