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So today I suggested to my boss that we wiki-tize some of the information we use on a daily basis (I work in the Information Delivery Service department),

“>>> Micah Jefferson 5/13/2008 2:39 PM >>>

Building off something I think you suggested, putting the training manuals or something on the wiki, I think it would allow for a bit for ease and maybe efficiency if we put all the documents we use to order/borrow online too along with the paper print outs. Like which libraries we need to do x2 or x5, branch patrons, school codes…etc. Personally I’d rather check online for something instead of looking at 5 different sheets of paper. Since wiki’s are easily editable we wouldn’t have to reprint something every time we had to add or subtract data. Just musing…lemme know if this is feasible.

Micah  ”

She responded with “Brilliant. This was exactly along the lines of what I was thinking of!”

At least all the stuff I use is typed up and each print out has its special place on my bulliten board, or clipboard, etc., I kind of like condensing things since i’m so absent minded sometimes. I forget to check this paper, or that so I have to go back and do look at them find where I laid it down last…but it think we could still use the print outs since some might prefer it that way.

The wiki is perfect for a quick, easy, editable reference page that has unlimited usage/application. I think more and more people, businesses and institutions will come to realize how applicable it is and that making something more public, or at least more interactive will bring some benefit. A thing that would need to be considered is how public/open or private should the wiki be. The reason Wikipedia is so well applied is because there are so many users to provide an enhanced error correction service. Unless a wiki like I am suggesting in made institution wide there may need to be certain restrictions that would subject revisions to review before being published.

That is all…