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Greed at the top, need at the bottom

Can’t Wait

But I have to. I want this suffering to be over. I wish I understood what the earth was trying to tell us. Or what Nature had in mind, letting us get so powerful, yet remain so ignorant. This year sucks, in a word…but it is opening our minds and eyes to real suffering that has been taking place for a long time.

We have so much consciousness now and we do nothing but waste it on manufactured entertainment. A lot of us are waking up, but power needs to be redistributed. We need to listen to the earth, and the living beings that inhabit it. Every once in a while I fear the immediate future, and I know many people have larger fears than I do. This fear should not belong to the majority of the population, which it does.

We need to redistribute the wealth of our compassion and intelligence in a reverse fraction to those in the small percentage who benefit financially from the worlds population and give almost nothing back. We give you billions and you rob us of billions more. Don’t give me your money, give me my money back.