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Back to the Moment

It is sort of usless to ask questions and ponder too much, because the answers are usually already there. We just have to shift our focus, adjust our perception, or just at least pay attention to the moment that now exists. It may naturally feel like we already do pay attention to the moment, but I don’t think that is always true. I think most of our thinking goes on pondering things from the past or preparing for things in the future. We constantly are trying to learn from the past and predict the future when we should just be existing in the today. Our bodies are here, but our minds aren’t.

Hopefully our minds won’t begin to run away from us. I think in part they are beginning to. From the moment we learned to write, draw, speak, build our ideas. Our minds have been about the world outside, trying to assert and physically manifest itself. These things demand our attention and now have taken the form of television, the Internet, conversation with one another. I think our minds may be creating a way to exists without the limitations of the body.

But, instead of completely giving into all this I think it is important to sometimes quiet the mind. Not silence it, just turn it inward and let in ruminate in the moment.