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Online Organizing and the Democratic Process

Barack Obama’s campaign for presidency is being run incredibly well in my opinion. I think they are well prepared to meet any challenges the republican party has planned, and has easily outpaced Hillary in strategy. But, I’m not really gonna talk politics here. I just read that his campaign is taking the very intelligent stance and

Obama for America is looking for exceptionally talented web developers who want to play a key role in a historic political campaign and help elect Barack Obama as the next President of the United States.

His campaign is obviously tapping the huge potential that the internet and online community can provide in mobilzing a campaign. Instead of attacking democracy itself, like one campaign successfully did in 2000 and 2004, ahem….he, Barack Obama wants to

Introduce cutting-edge social networking and online organizing to the democratic process by empowering everyday people to participate on My.BarackObama

These kind of avenues of reaching the people and getting them involved will definitely provide him with one of the strongest campaigns ever in my opinion. I’m glad he and his people are looking to actually bring change, or listen to the American people. I’m excited to be involved at this point in my life. Things are definitely gonna get better politically, as long as they don’t get the power to police the web like some have been so hungry to do.

But I think things will stay open, and will continue to become free and we will finally realize what freedom means.

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