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Info experts?



“Information specialists call it the death of information literacy.

Felipe Fernández-Armesto, a Tufts University historian and author of “Truth: A History and a Guide for the Perplexed,” has recently noticed something very odd: “Information has replaced knowledge,” he says, “and the truth of that information no longer seems to matter as much.” ”



Libraries are in charge of propagating information…not specifically disseminating knowledge and truth.

Clay Shirky (Here comes everybody: the power of organizing without organizations) talks about how the few dominate the actual addition of articles in Wikipedia…

Information online…(wikipedia)…is constantly updated, but printed material has an extended period as to when it is edited and updated…years, maybe never…online the correction is quick/instant.

Truth isn’t possible to any one knower, but group knowledge may come with this mass organization of information…its what people have chosen or accepted as a belief. Knowledge will always exist with inaccuracies, but it always carries the potential to be true.

The process of finding out whether something is true (accurate) and can be added to knowledge shouldn’t be ignored now that we have so much information avaialbe immediately thanks to the internet…but we cannot ignore the power of collected group knowledge.