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Piracy, Privacy and Security

Is there a equilibrium I can reach on my positions on each?

These three topics seem to be the most important memes in our digital lives. Reading Cory Doctorow’s book “Little Brother” has put me in a peculiar state of mind. How much do I care about my rights pertaining to each of these topics?

I feel I have the right to either uphold laws/policies that are in place if I agree with them, and I reserve the right to ignore these laws/policies if I do not agree with them with each decision or infraction, bearing their own consequences.

I feel I have a right to make whatever I produce or own, to be private and accessible only to me, or I may relinquish my hold on it and publish and distribute what is mine how I see fit, bearing whatever consequences.

I feel I have a right to seek and obtain a way of securing what is mine from any outside party barring any access that I have not granted, bearing whatever consequences.

The common idea here to me is plain. I have the right to do ‘something’…that right should not and I don’t think is possible to take away. I can only fool myself into thinking that I have relinquished my right to do ‘anything’ to another party.

I think we can live in a world and under a government that we give up some of our ‘freedoms’ for, but that it should be transparent and the laws non-binding, if they conflict with any innate freedom (which is pretty much any action you yourself are responsible for). I think dealing with infranctions to freedom, privacy or security should be conducted on a case by case basis.