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Social Software

So I have to say I am a bit frustrated with the throwing around of terms like social software and Web 2.0. Right now I think people should not be so quick to categorize a tool or idea under one or the other moniker unless I’m totally not grasping each concept, which may be the problem. Is social software just Web 2.0 apps? Or are they each heading a different front? I know I could go to Wikipedia and probably come away with some better understanding, but may that be ironic since the wiki is a social software app that operates on the platform that is the basis of Web 2.0?

Anyways, that might have been a complete waste of time, but I am musing on many ways to use social software constantly. But, I immediately run into problems upon considering implementation. Most of the tools I see available are useful and provide a good service, but its hard to consider which tools to use, how to use them, if they will be reliable or just create more of a confusing or convoluted way of interacting or operating in everyday life or professional. I know it will probably take time for the right people to realize how these tools should be used, or there are better suited tools on the horizon. I just believe that no one should, shun to quickly the new evolution of how we communicate with each other.

Because that’s all we ever wanted to do in the first place, understand one another. So far we can say the blog is here to stay, microblogging/status updates are useful but don’t approach necessary, tagging makes things incredibly easy and efficient, and wikis one of the most important ways to allow people to constructively collaborate, so we’ll see were things go from here. There are many more new ideas waiting to be actualized.