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Generation Discrimination

So sometimes I’m not sure of how to consider certain arguments about the generation gap with on-line soc ail tools, or technology in general. I think there can be a learning curve that although may be steep for certain people at certain ages, there is no generalization you can make. I am obviously more in tuned with technology than those that I work with, but that’s because I’ve had the opportunity to interact with it all my life. But, this also doesn’t mean its because I’m young, I think it has to do more with my socio-economic status growing up.

I’ve been able to afford the luxury of having the Internet, or computers in general in or near my possession. I have noticed that some people my age are not nearly as technologically literate as I am even though they are in my generation. Its mainly because they haven’t had the chance to be exposed to it as prominently as I have. Either their family didn’t consider it important or could not afford it. I discussed this recently with my boss and she is considered in my generation (generation Y I guess), but I don’t consider at the same level of technological adeptness merely because of our age. She pointed this article out to me and it is obvious where these generalizations come from.

I think it would be better to treat technological literacy on an individual basis and not assume age groups makes a good judge of those that need the most help. My grandmother probably knows how to use myspace/facebook better than a economically stressed teen in any country who has not been able to interact with a computer or be exposed to the internet regularly.